The desire to connect young people who come from the periphery, geographically and in society, to the creation of cinema and television is at the foundation of the association, "Looking Forward". The founders of the association are the CEO of Keshet, Avi Nir, and the company’s Board of Directors. The goal of the association is to find exceptional young people from the social and geographical periphery and to train them for higher education in the fields of cinema, television and the arts.
What do we belive in?
We believe that each and every talented young person in Israel has the right to actualize his/her talent.
What are we looking for?
Outstanding teenage boys and girls in the creative field who are ready to dedicate their time and to work hard in order to learn and create.
What do we offer?
Over the course of two years, intimate groups of teenage boys and girls will work with some of the best directors in Israel. They will learn and become accustomed to stage-management, writing, videography and directing actors. The groups have art seminars, workshops with top film creators, visit museums, attend film festivals and more.
What will happen at the end of these fascinating
and challenging two years?
The outstanding students who, upon completing the two-year track, decide that they want to continue to study cinema, art, music or acting will receive from the association academic scholarships for studying in academic institutions that are recognized in Israel with continued guidance and support.

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