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We identify gifted youths from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, train them from the age of 16 and bring the outstanding students to cinema and arts studies at institutions of higher education. They receive a scholarship and a living stipend as well as personal guidance throughout their BA studies until they join the industry.


The Looking Forward Foundation invites you to be a partner in the great social revolution taking place in Israel's art world. Come join us in bringing about the change.

Be an Associate

A scholarship donation of 12,000 ILS - pays for the support of an outstanding alumnus throughout his/her military service in order to prepare him/her for academic studies

Be a Partner

A scholarship donation of 36,000 ILS - pays for the full BA studies of one of the program's outstanding participants

Friends of the foundation will be invited to a variety of Keshet 12's premiere screenings as well as intimate, unique, current behind-the-scenes encounters with talents and film-makers.

Among the participants so far: Ilana Dayan, Amit Segal, Amnon Abramovich, Assi Cohen, Muli Segev, Shani Cohen, Adir Miller, Hagai Levi, Erez Tal, Itai Anghel and others.


All talented young men and women who are willing to work hard deserve to be the artists and craftspeople they aspire to be.

They meet us when they're 16 years old and we expose them to the world of cinema and art throughout a whole decade, expanding their knowledge and supporting them emotionally and financially until they complete their academic studies.

Thank you! We will get back to you soon

Bank Transfer Donations

Bank Hapoalim - 12
Branch - 600
Account No. - 347862

Those who donate by bank transfer should fill out the following form:

Relevant Documents

Proper Management authorization for 2021

Proper Management authorization for 2020

Proper Management authorization for 2019

Article 46 authorization for 2021

* We have Article 46 which grants the donor a discount on income tax ** Donations may be made in the name of an individual or a company

Be a Friend

A scholarship donation of 5,000 ILS - pays for a year's training of a high school student at one of our activity centers

Be a Member

A scholarship donation of 10,000 ILS - pays for full two year training of a high school student at one of our activity centers

See yourselves with us?
Come create with us, make your unique voice heard and start looking forward.
To apply for candidacy contact us

or by phone 03-7676114
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