Great Artists
Born Everywhere

We believe that the world of culture and cinematic art must provide a forum for all voices that make up Israeli society.

We're also aware that the opportunity is not equally provided to everyone. Our aim is to locate gifted teenagers who come from the economic, social and geographical periphery, and carefully pave their way to the heart of the Israeli world of creation and film-making.

Our Courses

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Our Mission


All talented young men and women who are willing to work hard, have the right to become the artists and craftspeople they aspire to be.

They meet us when they're 16 years old and we expose them to the world of cinematic arts across a whole decade of their lives, expanding their knowledge and supporting them emotionally and financially, until they complete their academic studies. When they graduate, we assist in integrating them into the Israeli world of creation.

Looking Forward wins the President's Citation Award
for 2021

"This citation, given every year to individuals and organizations whose volunteer work constitutes a unique contribution to Israel and Israeli society, is awarded to the foundation for providing opportunities for at-risk youths to integrate into the realms of media, art and filmmaking."

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Focusing on the stories
that have not been heard

We strive to bring about a change in the domestic film-making art world by expanding the spectrum of voices and stories through substantial support for young, promising creators.

Our Students

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The foundation staff saw me from afar and up close, they stuck with me and guided me throughout. It's a family.
Foundation alumnus, successful actor in TV series and films (Fauda)

Guidance by Top Film Directors

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Our Centers

Our activity centers are spread out all over Israel. For two years, groups of 11th and 12th graders meet at the center closest to them. When they first arrive, the idea that one day they'll belong to the Israeli film-making art world seems like a distant impossibility. But after two years of working together they know that it's entirely possible for them to put their talents into action and tell their stories.

Would you like
to contribute?
Join us and influence what's happening in the culture of today and tomorrow
See yourselves with us?
Come create with us, make your unique voice heard and start looking forward.
To apply for candidacy contact us

or by phone 03-7676114
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Our Partners

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