Faculty of Directors

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The foundation's faculty includes Israel's finest directors who are committed to the project to a degree that's simply inspiring.


The deep bonds they form with the youngsters, their personal guidance along the difficult way and the youths' intimate familiarity with their creative worlds allow their unique voices and personal stories to come into the light.



Working with the foundation combines my great love – film-making - with my even greater love - connection to life stories. Most of these life stories are painful, but they're also full of optimism and a desire for creation and renewal.

Director, screenwriter and filmmaker


This project reminds you of why you're here to begin with, and that "why" is a life-changer.

Director, actor, producer and screenwriter



For me, the foundation is an opportunity to connect between kids who are far from the center of the industry, and provide them with an opening and a chance to express themselves. I believe that they bear within them compelling, fascinating stories; stories that are just waiting for a chance to break out and be heard. Everyone should have access to art, not only the privileged ones.

Director and screenwriter


The Looking Forward Foundation is not only an incubator for development, it's a home. I'm happy for all the years I've been lucky enough to be part of it.


Now that I've gone from being a pupil to an instructor, I see the project grow and expand and I realize how much work still needs to be done. There are thousands of gifted kids out there and thousands more stories to be told.




As I see it, the fact that an organization like Looking Forward even exists is a miracle. A truly unique opportunity for self-fulfillment that can change the lives of the kids we work with.


Back when I was 18 and volunteering during a Service Year in Jerusalem, I often asked myself: How much can we really change the course of the lives of the pupils we work with in just one year? It was hard to grasp how nearly impossible it is. When I found out that there's a foundation that provides both financial support and guidance for ten years, I started to believe it really is possible.


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